Ouray County, Colorado, is one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S., if not the world. From the splendor of the Sneffels Range (above), to the abundant wildlife, thousands of acres of National Forest and BLM land and the historic ranchlands in the valley floors, the residents of Ouray County are fiercely proud of our corner of the world. Our roots are in mining and agriculture, but we are evolving to be a 21st-century home to a remarkable collection of enterprising, creative, and knowledgeable citizens. Most of all, we share a strong sense of community.

Honoring our traditions, Transition OurWay aims to maintain our San Juan mountain beauty and environmental integrity as we build a resilient, sustainable local economy. Joining hands with other community groups and the energetic, forward-thinking folks that abound here, we’ve created a grassroots, horizontal initiative to build a better world.

Check out our community projects, our networks for sharing information and mutual support, and our openness to new ideas and new people. We hope you’ll be a part of shaping our future.