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April 20, 2012:

Transition OurWay hosted a group discussion regarding projects we would like to see our communities tackle, as part of  a county “Ag Symposium” that took place the next day. The results were imaginative, wide-ranging, thought-provoking, and fun. Kris Holstrom summarized the comments on a flip-chart, which Sheelagh Williams then organized as you see below.

These are the ideas thrown out by the community that night. Check them out. We’ll be revisiting them at our Launch event on June 10th (7 p.m. at the Ridgway Community Center). See you there!


Regional transport shuttle – cheap – like 25 cents per stop

Local public transportation – like a midnight hayride home

Electric cars, dirt bikes, ATVs – less fossil fuel use in the high country

Support a Bike Culture – need more bike racks, trails – contest for creative racks?

More carpool information access (should make a note for our Transition meetings too)

Alternative Energy

Solar Power – collective/shared at a lower rate.  Financed locally?

Use our HYDRO assets

Local distributed generation for renewable energy

Electrical generating fitness equipment (grain mill, salad spinner too)


Septic Pumping processed locally

Anaerobic digester

Humanure possibilities

Recover methane from septics

Infiltrators – technology not yet allowed in Colorado

Construction Waste Recycling

Science Cares – Zero carbon footprint when you’re dead (green burials and more)

Economic Development

Review and change regulations that hinder innovation

EMF safe zones as tourist amenity / attraction

Create and promote region as a MODEL – EDUCATE!

Fiber Production, Processing and use – ex: stinging nettle

Local Food processing


More garden plots – can we use government owned land

Awareness of water supply and potential scarcity

Edible Landscaping – Solar Ranch ‘Green area’ should be green

More Barter

Everybody Eats (farm incubator and local food system development, everybody-eats.org)


Publicize Individual How To’s – first steps

Gather and then disseminate information on what assets we currently have (Navigator) will help identify gaps

Use our CSU Extension Services fully

Western Slope Sustainability Forum – started already by Koral

Roots and Shoots programs for our youth (Jane Goodall, rootsandshoots.org, 100 in CO)

Sunday, June 10, 2012:

From 4-7 pm at the Ridgway Community Center, Transition OurWay is holding our Launching. We’ll take the list above, add whatever those in attendance would like to include, then break into work groups to tackle each subject and pick projects that each group would like to pursue.

Look those topic over, see what appeals to you and what’s missing. Then come to the Launching and help us begin building a more localized, resilient, and sustainable community. We need your input and energy!